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Easily Design a Well-Structured Traffic Control Plan

Enhanced Traffic Flow

Optimised roads for smoother journeys and faster commutes.

Improved Safety

Ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic during construction projects.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Promotes fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and more sustainable urban environment.

Cost Savings

Efficient traffic flow cuts costs, saving fuel for individuals and businesses.


Scalable solution, adapting to evolving urban needs.

Time Savings

Promotes fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and more sustainable urban environment.

Software Tailored for All Types of Traffic Management Plan

Road Manager access is available through Chrome browser.

Mobile Access Supported

Access your construction traffic management plan from the work site or the office. Mobile and tablet access is available through the Chrome browser. Simply log in to access your plans. All you need is an internet connection to draw, share, or access your plans. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the most user-friendly experience.

Use our traffic management plan template to cover all aspects of your plan.

Full Training Provided

We offer comprehensive training videos to teach users how to draw up a traffic management plan and use all Road Manager’s various tools. All our training is government-approved. You can access our cloud-based training to learn at your own pace, or reach out for customised training.

Road Manager is a complete traffic control solutions.

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Try out all of Road Manager’s finest features with a free fifteen-day trial. After that, choose from one of our monthly or annual payment plans. No hidden fees or download charges. Even better, you only need to pay for users that draw or edit plans. Users who only need to review the plans log in for free.

Road Manager is the software that’s revolutionising traffic management.

Powered By Google Maps

Draw your traffic management plans with the world’s most widely used map software, Google Maps. Use universally accessible maps as your base layer, and import external mapping layers including road signs across 17 countries. These plans are then auto-saved in the cloud for easy access.

Plot and Adjust Traffic Control Plans in Just Few Clicks

Create a Live Traffic Control Plan in 1 Day

Decrease Costs due to Optimised Traffic Flow by 77%

Increase Citizen Satisfactions by 80%

Road Manager Helps Create Traffic Plans For These Projects and Events

An effective TMP ensures the safety of both athletes and spectators during sports events.

Sports Events

Major sports events such as marathons, cycling races, and motor racing competitions often require traffic control plans to manage the flow of participants and ensure the safety of both athletes and spectators.

Traffic control plans are necessary for music festivals and concerts due to high attendance and road closures.

Concerts and Festivals

Large-scale concerts, music festivals, and cultural events draw significant crowds, necessitating traffic control to handle increased pedestrian traffic and potential road closures.

Community parades and holiday celebrations need traffic control plans to maintain order and safety.

Parades & Celebrations

Community parades, cultural processions, and holiday celebrations can disrupt regular traffic flow, requiring traffic control measures to maintain order and safety.

School events like graduation ceremonies and sports events need a traffic control plan.

School / University Events

Events held at educational institutions, such as graduation ceremonies or sports meets, may require traffic control to handle increased traffic around the campus.

Road closures like highway maintenance require traffic management plans.

Construction & Road Work

During construction or road maintenance projects, traffic control plans are crucial to manage detours, lane closures, and diversions for the safety of both workers and drivers.

Street Closures

Street fairs, markets, and other special events held in public spaces may need traffic control to manage road closures and maintain pedestrian safety.

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Chad Boothe

Street Maintenance Supervisor

Everything you need for a complete traffic control plan. Very well thought out program. Needs more exposure in the United States.

Andy Genois

Project Manager Assistant

Very easy to use, simple and clear interface, works with Google maps.

Brendan Fehily

Senior Executive Engineer

It is quick, intuitive and creates a sign inventory.

Cameron Hull

General Manager

I’d recommend Road Manager for ease of use, price and the video instructions.

Chad Boothe

Street Maintenance Supervisor

Everything you need for a complete traffic control plan. Very well thought out program. Needs more exposure in the United States.

Road Manager Traffic Solutions For All Types of Needs

We put over 40 years of traffic management experience in construction activity, emergencies, and major events into designing Road Manager.

Road Manager was designed to be highly accessible and easy to use. It allows users to draw plans over Google Maps, and as a web-based tool it enables access via mobile or tablet anytime, anywhere.

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